uPVC Doors

Tailored to any home aesthetic, from classic to contemporary, these doors offer exceptional insulation, low maintenance, and a wealth of design options to enhance your property’s appeal.

Composite Doors

Combining the strength of timber with the maintenance ease of uPVC, these doors provide superior thermal performance, security, and aesthetic versatility. Choose from an extensive range of colours and finishes to create a striking first impression.

Rock Doors

Known for their robust construction and cutting-edge technology, these doors don’t just protect; they add a touch of sophistication to your facade. With a variety of designs and the highest energy ratings, Rock Doors are the ultimate barrier against the elements.

French Doors

These classic double doors connect your indoors with the outdoors in an instant, offering extended views, increased natural light, and a stylish, open feel. Customisable in various finishes and glazings, they’re perfect for patios, balconies, and garden entrances.

Bi Fold Doors

These modern, space-saving doors fold back to open up entire walls, seamlessly merging indoor and outdoor spaces. Ideal for entertaining or simply enjoying unobstructed views, they come in a range of materials and configurations to suit any architectural style.

Sliding Patio Doors

Designed for smooth operation and exceptional durability, they offer expansive glass areas for panoramic views with minimal frames. Energy-efficient and secure, our sliding doors are a stylish, practical choice for any home.

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